A necropolítica e as sombras na teoria feminista

29 | 2014

João Manuel de Oliveira

Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal

Necropolitics and the shadows in feminist theory

This text critically analyses some feminist discourses and their complicity with other forms of oppression. Therefore, the text will locate historically some of these theoretical models with the reflexive and critical concern of questioning their complicity with necropolitical, neoliberal and colonial projects. This critical and negative engagement with texts allows an understanding of other feminist models hyphenated with antirracist, anticolonial and antineoliberal perspectives, and acts as a way of rethinking some feminist epistemologies.


feminisms, necropolitics, neo-liberalism, post-colonialism

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22355/exaequo.2014.29.05
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