De la necesidad y urgencia de seguir queerizando y trans-formando el feminismo. Unas notas para el debate desde el contexto español

29 | 2014

Gracia Trujillo

Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha, España 

Of the need and urgency of continuing to queer and trans-form feminism. Notes for the debate from the Spanish context In this article, I analyze the emergence of queer feminist politics and theories at the end of the 1980s, and its critical or null reception in the Spanish context by an important sector of egalitarian feminism, mostly at the academic and institutional levels. This feminism is stuck in a cultural concept of gender that does not question sexual difference and heteronormativity, not recognizing, still today, the existence of other subjects with their own agency and voice. This has a series of important ethical and political implications, such as the cancellation of the debates about sexual work or about violence within gay and lesbian couples, among others, and its reflection in «gender» public policies.


Collective identities, feminisms, queer critique, heteronormativity, public policies

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