Academias de talento feminino: meios de emancipação ou ferramentas de reprodução social?

42 | 2020

Susana Santos

CIES-Iscte – Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia, Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal

Feminine Leadership Academies: emancipation forms or social reproduction mechanisms?

Programs for the promotion of talent and leadership aimed at women have been developed in recent years and accompany the broader debates on gender equality, wage gender gaps and work-life balance. Law firms are an excellent object of observation due to their international atmosphere and their high permeability to discourses in the global economic sphere.
This article discusses the intersections between feminisms and neoliberalism, in particular, neoliberal feminism and transnational business feminism based on sociological observation of the organizational culture of large law firms in Portugal.


feminine talent academies, leadership, neoliberal feminism, transnational business feminism, law firms

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