La disputa del género en el Estado español desde el análisis del activismo católico

37 | 2018

Maribel Blázquez-Rodríguez*, Mónica Cornejo-Valle* y José Ignacio Pichardo-Galán*

* Docentes del Departamento de Antropología Social, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Grupo de Investigación Antropología, Convivencia y Diversidad (GINADYC), España

The gender dispute in the Spanish state from the analysis of the Catholic activism
Since the development of gender policies by the Spanish government, different social and political actors, including the Catholic Church, have been discussing the so-called «gender ideology». The revision of these anti-gender discourses, actions and strategies allows us to clarify the term «ideology» and, in turn, to explain how gender has become a political concept in dispute in our society, not only within feminist theory, but within certain groups opposed to the recognition of the rights of women and LGBT people. We also take into account the perspective of critical Catholic groups who promote a closer relationship between religion and contemporary social problems.


gender, Catholicism, gender ideology, religion

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