Ordem Patriarcal de Gênero, Mediação e Serviço Social 

37 | 2018

Taynara Fitz Patriarcha* e Sandra Lourenço de Andrade Fortuna*

* Centro de Estudos Sociais Aplicados, Departamento de Serviço Social, Programa de pós-graduação em Serviço Social e Política Social da Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL), Brasil

Patriarchal Gender Order, Mediation and Social Work
The present paper is a theoretical essay, part of a research entitled «The Patriarchal order of gender in the professional training process of Social Work courses at public universities in the north of Paraná». In this article, we deal with the patriarchal order of gender determinations in the trajectory of Brazilian Social Work, as well as to translate its importance as a mediation category. Since it is a profession dominated by women, in a sociability based on the patriarchal order of gender, interlaced with the antagonisms of race/ethnicity and class contradictions in the order of capital, the particularities placed in the movement of the real must be analyzed in the light of a critical apprehension of this profession.


Patriarchal order of gender, capitalism, racism, mediation, social work

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22355/exaequo.2018.37.08
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