Beatriz da Conceição de Ataíde Lobo e Faria: um rosário de contos para a coluna “Leituras para Senhoras”

39 | 2019

Cielo G. Festino

Universidade Paulista, São Paulo, Brasil

Beatriz da Conceição de Ataíde Lobo e Faria: A Rosary of Stories for the Column “Readings for Ladies”

This article analyses the short stories in Portuguese of the Goan author Beatriz da Conceição de Ataíde Lobo e Faria (1913-1994), which were published in the column for women in the Goan newspapers A Vida, O Heraldo and O Académico. The main argument is that, in these stories, Lobo e Faria makes clear the need for women to be educated not for their emancipation, but to become true companions for their husbands and mothers who could play a decisive role in the education of their children. However, if, when educating a family, a woman educates a nation, according to the beliefs of the time, the ultimate goal of Lobo e Faria´s moral short-stories was to raise social and political awareness in Goan society.


A Vida, O Heraldo, O Académico, short-stories, women education

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