Mulheres no ensino superior brasileiro: espaço garantido e novos desafios

33 | 2016

Arlene Ricoldi e Amélia Artes

Fundação Carlos Chagas, São Paulo, Brasil

Women in Brazilian higher education: new challenges and guaranteed space
Women’s numerical advantage in enrollment in higher education is now well known. If we consider the gender social organization in the realm of work and professionalism, it can, however, be seen that this advantage should be problematized. The concept of sexual division of labour is used as the main guidance for such questioning. Finally, based on quantitative data extracted from databases national statistics, the most popular careers between men and women are analyzed, pointing to possible changes in the segregation of the careers in higher education on the Brazilian case. The data collected point to an important female insertion into careers before predominantly male, while the reverse movement is not realized.


Higher education, sexual labour division, gender segregation, Brazil

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Direitos de autor: Creative Commons – CC BY NC