MMA and Cultural Industry: A look at the trajectory and training of female fighters

48 | 2023

Grasiela Oliveira Santana da Silva*, Angelita Alice Jaeger**, Paula Silva***

* Secretaria de Estado da Educação e da Cultura, Brasil
** Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
*** Centro de Investigação em Atividade Física, Saúde e Lazer, Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Mixed Martial Arts gained popularity by promoting show fighting. The institutionalization and rationalization of the rules generated consumption and profits. This study analyses the coaching, commodification and training of athletes within MMA from the perspective of the Cultural Industry (CI) theory. We used observation and semi-structured interviews with 6 fighters and 3 specialist sport conditioning trainers, and the resulting data were subjected to content analysis with the aid of QSR NVivo software. Three categories emerged: Trajectory of female fighters in MMA; Training and functionality of athletes’ bodies; MMA and sports commodification. Athletes’ bodies are managed and programmed, precisely trained and made beautiful to become consumable.


MMA, cultural industry, female fighters, training, commodification

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