Las mujeres jóvenes en España. (Nuevas) precariedades y (viejas) desigualdades

32 | 2015

Mercedes Alcañiz, Vicent Querol e Ana Marti

Universitat Jaume I. Castellón, España

Young women in Spain. (New) precariousness and (old) inequalities

The economic crisis and increased precariousness in the labour market resulting from the current context of neoliberalism, deregulation and globalisation have mostly affected the young population of the European Union. The article analyses the situation of labour market precariousness faced by young women and their inequality with young men, to get to know if such young women perceive their situation to be unequal to that of their male counterparts. The methods used in each case have been, respectively, the exploitation of secondary data obtained from official Spanish and European sources, and the analysis of the discourses of 24 women and men aged between 16 and 34 years living in Spain.


youth, precariousness, gender, inequality, perception

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