As engrenagens do poder: sobre alguns encaixes entre direito, ciências e transexualidades no Brasil

38 | 2018

Thiago Coacci

Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

The gears of power: On some adjustment between law, sciences and transgender lives in Brazil

The present work aims to demonstrate how the legal, medical and psy (psychiatry, psychology and psychiatry) discourses articulate in the legal debate on transgender rights. To this end, I analyze selected judgments from Brazilian courts, occurred in the 1970-2018 period. I claim that there is an internal plurality in each of those discourses and various combinations can be used to produce different practical effects in the lives of transgender people. I show that in the practice of law there is a strategic selection and combination of discourses, depending on the desired effect.


transgender, law, science

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Direitos de autor: Creative Commons – CC BY NC