Domingas Lazary Amaral – “uma querelada pela liberdade de imprensa”

39 | 2019

Sílvia Espírito Santo

Investigadora integrada do Lab2PT (Laboratório de Paisagens, Património e Território) na Universidade do Minho, Portugal / Membro do projeto WOMASS – Women and Associativism in Portugal, 1914-1974

Domingas Lazary Amaral – ‘accused for defending free press’

The text highlights the intervention of the writer and educator Domingas Lazary do Amaral, in the newspapers of the second half of the 20th century in defense of condemned women in Angola. As a feminist militant, the author feels the ‘usefulness’ of her voice in denouncing the physical and psychological conditions in which these women lived, as well as the abuses they suffered in the General Depot of the Exiled in Luanda. In a period when there were few women’s voices heard in the press, Lazary amplified hers to demand from both the colonial and national authorities the moralization of procedures within the institution and claim adequate justice for the regeneration of the condemned women. A voice that quickly became uncomfortable for colonial military power, which tried to silence it through censorship and court proceedings.


colonial press, feminists, exiled, Domingas Lazary do Amaral, Angola

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