As mulheres tentam compensar. O verbo «compensar» é terrível, não é? Género e jornalismo em tempos de mudança

33 | 2016

Maria João Silveirinha e Rita Basílio de Simões

FLUC, CIMJ, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
FLUC, CEIS20, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

«Women try to compensate. The verb ‘compensate’ is terrible, isn’t it?» Gender and journalism in times of change
Nowadays, journalism is under major changes. In particular, the digital revolution has brought profound changes in the way news is produced and consumed, as well as in the professional identity. It is, moreover, transformations that seem to penalize female professional, perpetuating gender inequalities. In this paper, we focus precisely on how these changes relate to gender, seeking to know how they are experienced and explained in newsrooms. To that end, we present a set of empirical data gathered from in-depth interviews that are framed by the interpretative framework of socio phenomenology and its feminist approach.


Gender, newsroom, journalism, socio-phenomenology

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